Marketplace template - Conceptual & Experimental
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This is a project to create a wiki-based small ads site. The idea is to emulate a classic small ads section of a newspaper.

The project needs some new Wikidot functionality and will sleep until that functionality is ready.

Here is a design sketch:

  • Main sections (housing, cars, jobs, personal, stuff) are each defined as pages in the section: category
  • Adverts are held in the item: category, children of the appropriate parent
  • Adverts consist of:
    • A photo
    • A title
    • For sale / wanted
    • A description (short text)
    • A region
    • A classification
  • The classifications are built up by users of the site over time
    • E.g. types of cars, appartments
    • Each classification is a wiki page
    • Classifications are hierarchical
  • Adverts are aged automatically by being replaced by newer ones
  • The owner of the advert can close it using a tag
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